Curtain in expressive color, exotic curtain fabric in terrace doors, or maybe decorative pillows in abstract patterns? Oriental style in interiors likes expressive design. When planning an arrangement, however, we recommend to bet on a neutral background, and invite interesting additions to the game. Bright walls will perfectly expose the colorful details, and at the same time will make the room still harmonious and consistent.

So do not be afraid of bold and even contrasting combinations of colors, textures and forms. Middle- and Far Eastern arrangements are perfectly thought out chaos. Do you dream of an armchair covered with fabric velour in a duet with a metal floor lamp? No problem! Let your imagination run wild and let yourself be a little crazy. Oriental decorative fabrics that we have prepared for you in our online store / wholesale with fabrics, will help you to introduce a breath of exoticism into your home.
Oriental decorative fabrics
When buying decorative fabric, pay attention to the quality of workmanship. Good material is distinguished by durable fiber, strong and dense weave and the right finish. Thanks to this, it not only looks beautiful in the interiors, but is also extremely durable. Resistant to fire and mechanical damage – hauling, abrasion and bursting. Thanks to the water repelry coating, it practically does not get dirty, and possible stains will easily be removed from its surface. All decorative fabrics available in our online store are:

excellent design,
high quality of workmanship,
vivid, saturated colors – colors do not fade and do not change under the influence of sunlight,
a wide range of oriental designs,
very good strength parameters,
resistant to dirt and ease of cleaning.

Oriental fabrics offered in our online store will work perfectly as a curtain material. They are also ideal for finishing upholstered furniture and decorative pillows. Rich colors and interesting textures make it easy to find your favorite pattern. See what we have for you!