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Are you looking for exclusive materials that will work well for decorative pillows? Or are you interested in curtain fabrics with original design? If so, be sure to discover collections prepared by our online fabric wholesaler Fabric World. Thanks to the fact that we got to know the textiles of the world from the inside out, today we offer you the highest quality products signed with the FABRIC WORLD logo. Find out what stands out and what are their most important features!

What materials does FABRIC WORLD offer?

The range of the brand includes a wide range of passionately woven decorative, curtain, upholstery fabrics and decorative pillowcases. Prepared with extreme care, the collections attract attention with small but expressive elements, smooth contours, as well as beautiful motifs inspired by nature. As an experienced fabric shop, we supply both patterned and smooth non-woven fabrics, guaranteeing many applications. A great example is flower jacquard decorative textiles. In addition to the fact that they look great on pillows, they are also ideal as furniture bruises. The bestseller is also French Velvet,which allows you to get a décor straight from the royal Versailles. This luxurious product line is particularly suitable for curtains and bruises, adding splendor to any arrangement.

What are FABRIC WORLD fabrics?

The phenomenon of FABRICWORLD materials lies primarily in the highest quality of workmanship and original, unusual design. Fabric collections are based on the latest trends, thanks to which they meet with great interest from both private customers and professional interior decorators. Also noteworthy is the extraordinary diversity. In the offer of our online wholesaler you will find products that will perfectly find themselves not only in elegant and classic interiors, but also in rooms inspired by New York nonchallant, or colorful pop-art style.
All FABRICWORLD decorative, curtain and upholstery fabrics have the necessary certificates, which are awarded to certified products. They confirm their high quality and safety of use. Below we present the most important features that distinguish fabricworld materials:

  • very good resistance to abrasion, mekacenie and mechanical damage,
  • above-average strength,
  • easy to keep clean,
  • softness and pleasure to the touch,
  • timeless design giving the possibility to create accessories that are in line with any style in the interior,
  • high quality of workmanship for long service life.

What else is the differentiator of FABRIC WORLD fabrics?

What is an asset of FABRICWORLD products is also its environmental friendliness. This is demonstrated, in particular, by compliance with reach adopted by the European Parliament and the Council (EC). This means that the materials offered by our online fabric wholesaler are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Their production from start to finish is carried out without the use of toxic compounds, so they can be used by both adults and children, even with a tendency to allergies.


FABRIC WORLD fabrics are a first-class design, rich design and convenience of use. No matter what material you reach for, you can be sure that its color does not come out over time, and the pattern will not wipe out. Check out our online store now and discover the products you’ll fall in love with at first sight!

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