Wondering how to easily change the look of your interior? Are you looking for high-quality materials that are perfect for sewing curtains? If so, you’re in the right place. From the entry below you will learn how curtain fabrics differ from each other and which one to choose for your dream design. We invite you to read!

Curtain fabric – how is it different from knitted fabric?

Many people mistakenly equate decorative materials with knitted fabrics. The main difference between the curtain fabric and the second of these products is the method of manufacture. The former is obtained by weaving with looms (manual or mechanical), while the next is obtained using wires, crochets, warpers, etc.

For the manufacture of knitwear, one thread is generally used. On the other hand, at least two threads are usually interwoven in the production of materials used for curtains. The curtain fabrics offered by our online wholesaler, unlike knitwear, are stiffer and less prone to deformation. Thanks to this, they retain their original shape for a long time, beautifully presenting itself as part of the window arrangement.

What else are the differences between curtain materials?

You already know the difference between fabric and knitwear. However, this is not the only aspect that you need to keep in mind when choosing a material for curtains. Another important issue is the weave, which mainly determines the appearance and durability of the product. The most common is canvas, which has a regular texture and provides high strength. Thicker curtain fabrics are often sewn using a panamaniat weave. They can be recognized by the characteristic texture of the braid.

In addition, satat weave is distinguished by the use of which glossy, soft and elastic materials are produced. Fabrics for curtains also differ:

  • light transmitbility,
  • resistance to creases,
  • the way of finishing,
  • Glossy
  • resistance to stains and fluid soaking,
  • easy to clean.

Elegant curtain fabrics – a quick overview

From the above part of the article you already know that materials for curtains can differ from each other with many characteristics. A suitable curtain fabric should not only look nice. It must also be durable, durable and functional. To make your choice easier, below we have prepared a short overview of the most popular materials available in our warehouse. If you want to sew glamorous curtains, you can reach for:

  • jacquard, which is very practical and does not require ironing – fabric world offers, for example, decorative jacquard patterned fabric Flower Grey, which thanks to its beautiful design interestingly blends with contemporary colors,
  • taffeta, which is obtained from synthetic or natural silk fibers – it is quite heavy and stiff, but thanks to the fact that it shimmers impressively in the light, sewn with its use curtains will add chic to any interior,
  • velvet fabric, that is, a shiny and soft kind of plush, which with its noble appearance resembles velvet – in the assortment of our online store we have, for example, palmas velvet curtain fabric with a delicately ribbed structure, which will be excellent in both classic and extravagant arrangements,
  • chiffon, which is a very light, airy and thin material – thanks to its delicacy, it is ideal for curtains for the kitchen or living room; however, you need to know that they will not provide you with a light shield, so they can only perform a decorative function.


Jacquard, velvet, taffeta, satthy… still do not know which curtain fabric will be best for your room? If so, be sure to visit fabric store Fabric World. There you will find a wide range of the highest quality materials – both smooth and patterned texture. Our advisors will give you expert advice and a hint on which of the products will help you create an elegant window arrangement.

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