Delicate curtains or Roman blinds in pastel diamonds, carpet in abstract pattern or decorative pillows with geometric motif is an interesting stylistic accent in the interiors. Materials in circles, squares and triangles feel great in many arrangements. From Scandinavian minimalism to retro to modern décor. Or do you dream of an urban jungle-style apartment? Please! In our online store / wholesale with fabrics we have exactly what you are looking for. Jacquard jungle fabric will help you feel a substitute for the jungle even in the heart of the big city. The material in a beautiful plant pattern is ideal for window curtains, furniture coverings or decorative pillows.
Fabrics in geometric patterns
There are quite a few ways to introduce geometric forms into the interior. If you like minimalist arrangements the most, put on the material in a subtle, pastel pattern. Mint greens, delicate blue and roses, lavender or gray pigeons will not disturb the impression of harmony and peace.

Don’t have an idea for an interesting bedroom décor in a vintage climate? Fabrics in geometric motifs will be in this case as he found. Retro style likes expressive accessories and contrasts. So do not be afraid of strong accents. Yellow diamonds on pillows? Iconic chaise longue in colorful triangles? Or window curtains in the urban jungle climate? The choice is yours. Arrangements inspired by the style of bygone eras will really take a lot. In addition, eclecticism of forms is very welcome here.
Superior quality and good design
Strong polyester fiber and durable jacquard weave make our decorative fabrics with geometric, abstract or jungle motifs enjoy the eye, and are extremely durable. Not very rotting and burst-resistant. Properly finished and coated with a special coating, the material is:

resistant to dirt,
easy to clean.

Our fabrics in geometric pattern can therefore be successfully used also for upholstery of furniture. Or maybe you prefer an armchair or chairs covered with jungle material? No matter – you will find it with us in different color variants. Find out which one you like best!