Floristic motifs are one of the most versatile interior trends. Decorative curtain tannins and floral upholstery materials catch the eye and bring the arrangement of the bedroom, living room or dining room to life. You can successfully use them both in residential and commercial spaces – chairs and armchairs covered with luxurious material will perfectly fit into the décor of, for example, an intimate café in retro style. Our upholstery fabrics are suitable for covering all furniture or only pillows themselves.
Fabrics, flower-lined
Vegetable ornamentation on furniture will remain fashionable regardless of the season. Upholstered chairs and hokers, as well as armchairs and sofas covered with soft material, are ideal for classic, modern or retro interiors. Upholstery fabrics in flowers can become a great decorative element in the room. They are so expressive in themselves that they no longer need any additional decorations. They look beautiful in the company of natural wood. And also against the background of white, gray or colored walls.

Our online shop / wholesaler with fabrics offers upholstery materials combining good design, strong weave and careful finish. Thanks to this, they are practically indestructible – resistant to wiping, dirt and sunlight. Vivid, saturated colors do not change or fade over time.
Curtain materials in flowers
Individual curtain fabrics differ not only in design, but above all in the type of weave and the way of finishing. Strong polyester fiber and correspondingly dense weaving technique directly translates into:

high strength,
low rotting,
low light transmittance.

Good curtains will perfectly dark out any room. In turn, the right method of impregnation makes the material flammable, resistant to dirt, and also very easy to clean.

In our online store you will find the highest quality decorative curtain and upholstery materials in flowers in many colors and patterns. Both jacquard fabrics and luxurious, fleshy velour.