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The first on the market CASH BACK in the form of BLOCKCHAIN!

As Fabric World Sp. o.o. we issued our own ETHEREUM-based ERC20 token.

This token is Fabricoin (FBC).

The token was issued in a limited number of 100,000,000 (one hundred million) tokens. As Fabric World Sp. we have 51,000,000 tokens and 49,000,000 tokens have been transferred to our customers, business partners and investors. By shopping with us, promoting our company, sharing our posts on social media, supporting Fabric World Sp. o.o. you can receive our Fabricoin Tokens (FBC).

Collect TOKENS, exchange for GOOD or earn a stake in Fabric World, and even become a Fabric World Board Member!


1,000,000 (one million) FBC tokens in your hands is 1% of our company’s profits. FBC 1 million is the smallest entity to participate in the company’s profits. If you own 25,000,000 FBC, you are entitled to a seat on the board of Fabric World Sp. o.o.

FBC tokens can be obtained by:

  • purchase of the token. 1ZŁ = 1 FBC (option in the near future)
  • purchase of the goods. $100 = 0.25 FBC
  • fabric world special promotions

The FabriCoin token has its real value.

You can get it by purchasing a real product, not a virtual service. Tokens can be exchanged for real goods.

The value of the token 1 FBC = 1 PLN,that is, for example: 100 FBC you can exchange for our goods worth 100 PLN.

Good or good? :)


If you are interested in receiving, earning as a reward or acquiring a Fabricoin Token (FBC), please contact us by email at office@fabricworld.eu

Fabricoin (FBC) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Most hardware and online wallets support ERC20. Which wallet to choose? In this article (clickhere) youwill find the answer. If you need help – we offer advice.

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