Velvet Mustang Fabric

Extremely soft and delicate furniture and velvet curtain fabrics from the Mustang line are an excellent solution especially where children are often present. The unique structure of the material, which in its catalog has our online store / wholesaler with decorative, upholstery, curtain fabrics, makes it very pleasant to the touch, even by the standards of velvet velvet fabrics! The fabric is friendly to the sensitive skin of the child, making it ideal for pillows, for example. In our online warehouse you will find a wide color palette that will allow you to match the offered product to a wide range of arrangements.

Extremely soft fabric with a unique structure that makes it even kinder and softer to the touch.

Very friendly for sensitive baby skin.

Easy to clean
Limited fluid absorption

Product card: Information about the product and its properties.

The colors on the monitor screen may differ slightly from the original color scheme of the fabrics due to the different types of monitors and their calibrating.

Customer feedback

A real Mustang among the fabrics – beautiful and powerful. Recommend!

Real grandmother’s :) I ordered 5 samplers and I chose one color and … I got them for free and have not yet counted hihi :))

Obicie cool, shop also :)))

There was a rasp, because it turned out that there is a blemish on 17 meters, but everything nicely arranged and rewarded with a discount. Full profess! Greetings to Peter!