Premium Fabric

The Premium category is a decorative decorative material that will appeal especially to creative and creative people. The fabric is made in jacquard technology. This guarantees high detail and smoothness of the designs. These features are desirable especially with a beautiful floral design composed of contemporary colors, which is offered by our online store / wholesale with decorative, upholstery, curtain fabrics. This upholstery fabric from fabric world’s online wholesale range works well both all over the furniture and on the pillows themselves.

Mariposa upholstery fabric in Fabric World

Upholstered hoker in exotic leaves? Why not! Urban jungle arrangements are one of the most interesting interior trends. The material in plant motifs beautifully presents itself not only in the form of curtains and textile additives. Exotic leaves and flowers also look great on furniture. Jungle fabric will therefore work as a upholstery material. The dense jacquard weave and durable polyester fibre make it extremely durable. Resistant to mechanical damage and bursting. And thanks to the high-quality finish, any dirt can be quickly and effectively removed from the surface of the material.

Patterned fabric.

Beautiful patterns for jacquard weaving.

Beautiful design composed with contemporary colors.

High quality upholstery fabric. It looks great all over the furniture as well as on the pillows themselves.

Fabric width = 140cm or 280cm

1 pc = 0.5 m current


Product card: Information about the product and its properties.

The colors on the monitor screen may differ slightly from the original color scheme of the fabrics due to the different types of monitors and their calibrating.