Fabric World wholesale fabricsfabrics online, is a simple way to buy fantastic fabrics.

We conduct a very careful selection of fabrics, which will later be included in our collection.

They should be beautiful and unique,but on an equal footing with aesthetics we put quality.

The quality is cheaper and hassle-free.


Carefully selected, top quality, the most beautiful patterns woven into the fabric.

Colorful, charming upholstery decorative fabric.

Just in time for seating furniture for a romantic living room, a girl’s room or a moody café. Its name, of course, refers to the theme. A pattern in
butterflies (mariposa
– from Spanish), flowers and handwriting will add charm to any room. Fabric World –
wholesale and fabric shop
– sells this unique material for pieces (1 piece = 0.5 m.b.). We invite you to purchase original jacquard decorative fabric at a great price.


Beautiful geometric patterns encased in durable, strong and beautiful jacquard fabric.

Colorful, suitable for any interior decorative jacquard fabric. Geometric pattern in colorful triangles fits perfectly into all modern rooms. It is suitable as a chair, sofa or armchair. It will work as a pillowcase for decorative pillows. The versatile use makes such decorative
fabrics willingly
bought and used to diversify the interior. Geo material is 2.8 m wide. Wholesale and fabric shop

– Fabric World invites you to shop online!


Collection mainly with motifs of flowers and plants, which can boldly create a beautiful garden in your home.

Great for English-style interiors. It will also work as a complement to the feminine, romantic décor… Jacquard eden fabric is a beautiful proposal of furniture and decorative material. It can be beaten with your favorite sofa, comfortable chair or deep chair. From smaller fragments, it is worth sewing pillowcases for decorative pillows. These types of fabrics aredurable, elegant and perfectly emphasize the character of any room. We encourage you to buy
– fabric store and fabric shop
Fabric World works online.



Sand is a fabric that you can use for the whole piece of furniture.

Total novelty on the market.

It looks like a fancy spectre of sand. The color depends entirely on your expectations. Fabric densely braided, very nice to the touch, but very strong. Wash able.


Gloss Velvet

French Velvet

Mustang Velvet