Easy Life easy-to-clean fabrics

Easy Life technology,easy cleaning involves covering fibers

a special apreure that does not allow dirt to penetrate deep into the structure of the

Fabric. Stains created during use can be removed without major

problems with a cloth and water, and in the case of stronger dirt

it is enough to use water with the addition of neutral soap. However, it is worth remembering that

that the sooner we clean the fabric, the easier it will be to remove dirt

The advantage of these fabrics is also the high abrasion resistance

Fabric covered with aprete, still remains subtly soft and pleasant to the touch

Cleaning method:

liquid on the surface of the fabric (e.g. coffee, wine, juice)- if you stay on the surface of the material, the liquid should be drained with a material that absorbs water well (paper towel, cotton cloth)

stain-leaving liquid (e.g. ketchup, yogurt, chocolate) – in this case it is best to use a cotton cloth with the addition of hypoallergenic soap e.g. gray soap, and then gently in circular motions wipe the fabric, finally dry slightly (e.g. dryer)

dry dirt (e.g. ash, dust, pen, cray captions) – remove them by using a dry soft vacuum cleaner brush. If the stain remains on the fabric, we use a cotton cloth with water or in case of strong dirt (crayts, pen) with the addition of soap, then slightly dry e.g. dryer

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