Decorative fabrics

In this category you will find unusual decorative fabrics. Our online/wholesale shop with decorative, upholstery and curtain fabrics offers jacquard materials with beautiful patterns inspired by nature. Images of animals, plants or beautiful views in the hands of a creative person guarantee a lot of applications! The product will successfully work as a decorative or upholstery fabric. The special technology in which the fabric is made makes it possible to count on smooth contours and expressive fine elements even in a very large format.

Jacquard fabrics

Beautiful jacquard patterns, with images of animals, plants or beautiful views.

Imagine the enormity of the uses for this fabric. Fabric for creative, imaginative people.

Pattern size: (+-) 46×46 cm

From 0.5 mb of fabric you can carp 3 pcs of patterns.

Animals decorative fabric

The colors on the monitor screen may differ slightly from the original color scheme of the fabrics due to the different types of monitors and their calibrating.