July 1

July 1

Want to quickly change the look of your interior? Are you looking for extras that will perfectly complement the arrangement? If so, reach for the decorative pillows offered by fabric fabrics online store Fabric World. In the following post we will take a closer look at these extremely impressive elements of décor. See what to follow when choosing them, as well as see what proposals you will find in the assortment of our online wholesalers. Welcome!

Changing the décor? With decorative pillows it’s not difficult!

Small details can make a big difference. This is also the case with decorative pillows. Skillfully selected are able to add coziness, warmth and timeless elegance to the interior. Decorative poduch will work perfectly when you want to refresh the monotonous arrangement. It is thanks to them that you will introduce a breath of freshness into the apartment and visually light up the space.

With the help of carefully tailored pillowcases, you will also adapt the arrangement to the current interior trends. In the online store you will find a wide selection of original decorations, the production of which used only high-quality fabrics. Below we present some practical tips to help you learn how to choose the best decorative pillows for your apartment.

How to find the perfect decorative pillows?

The choice of suitable additives depends primarily on the size of the sofa or armchair to decorate. Pillows of 45×45 cm and 50×50 cm are considered standard. If you own a larger sofa, you can safely reach for models with a size of 60×60 cm. Another important rule to keep in mind is the number of poduch. According to interior decorators, two-three decorative pillows will be best presented on a two-person sofa. On the larger furniture, however, you can put them up to five-six. Of course, you do not have to stick rigidly to this rule. If you dare to experiment, the resulting effect will surely surprise you. In addition to the size and quantity of the similar, their shade is also not insignificant. Here it is worth remembering the three basic color categories. The following colours are distinguished:

  • monochrome, which include different shades of the same colour (e.g. brown, red and orange),
  • related, i.e. those adjacent to each other on the colour palette (e.g. red, pink and purple),
  • complementary, or complementary, are colours which function on the principle of attracting opposites (e.g. purple – yellow).

What else to keep in mind when choosing decorative pillows?

Another important issue in the selection of decorative pillows is the material from which they were sewn. If you want to adore a sofa or armchair with an eye-catching accessory, your choice may fall on jacquard cushions. The pillow in roses and butterflies made of high-quality jacquard will fit perfectly especially in interiors decorated in retro and vintage climates, but not only. It will also look beautiful in rooms with a style reminiscent of nature.

If, on the other hand, you want to add chic and refinedcy to your apartment, you can reach for velvet fabric cushions. This fabric is ideal for both modern and classic arrangements. A velvet pillow with a slightly shiny surface will be the proverbial “icing on the cake” on any elegant couch or sofa.


If you do not know what to do to change the décor of the apartment in a short time, reach for decorative pillows. You will quickly find that it takes really little to make your interior unique. Fabric World wholesaler offers the highest quality accessories that will appeal to both nature lovers and simple geometric forms. Beautiful prints, densely woven fabrics and a finish with attention to the smallest details make our pods a wonderful decoration of the house.

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